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Team Accelerator

Supercharge your innovation practice & 10X your product/market fit.

Introduction to the team accelerator

Looking to drive results & achieve success quickly?

Our Game Thinking Team Accelerator is a 3-month intensive innovation accelerator for startup founders, corporate innovators, and product leaders who want to turn ideas into successful products — faster and smarter. 

With our support, you and your team will test your ideas like a scientist, and build your MVP like a game designer — using techniques from breakthrough hit games and products.

We’ve helped dozens of teams bring their ideas to life. What can we do for you? Let’s find out.

Amy Jo’s MVP methodology is fantastic. The results you’ll see are a no-brainer


Ofer Leidner

President, Twill / Happify

The Process

What your team will accomplish in the Accelerator

We’ll validate and shape your product design quickly and effectively with three inter-connected Game Thinking Sprints. This highly efficient process exposes blue-ocean market opportunities and delivers validated design insights in record time. 

The Accelerator will save your team months of time, and dramatically increase your odds of success. Here’s how we do it.

Discovery Sprint

Discovery Sprint

Clarify Product Strategy & Gather Customer Insights

  • Clarify your product/market strategy & high-risk assumptions
  • Identify who NEEDS what you offer — and who doesn’t
  • Discover the habits and motivations of your best customers
  • Synthesize those insights into Job Stories that capture customers’ intrinsic motivation and existing habits
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(Journey) Design Sprint

(Journey) Design Sprint

Design for Long-Term Engagement from the Ground Up

  • Visualize how customers will use your product over time with a four-stage Mastery Path
  • Create Mastery Path Teardowns to analyze your competition
  • Design a Core Learning Loop based on customer insights
  • Flesh out your Progression Design and Social Action Matrix
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Sprint 3: Journey Validation

Sprint 3: Journey Validation

Test Your Customer Journey with Lo-Fi Experiments

  • Visualize your 30-day experience with research-informed Concept Storyboards
  • Test your concept with vetted early customers to get actionable insights on your core product experience
  • Validate your assumptions, update your designs and outline next steps in a Product Brief

Game Thinking stretches beyond gaming

Join an elite group of clients

Game Thinking is not just for games. Hundreds of teams worldwide have achieved breakthrough innovations with Game Thinking — and you can too. 

We work with startups, game studios, and global brands to turn ideas into successful products. When you join the Accelerator, you’ll become part of an elite group of high-performing teams who use Game Thinking to delight and engage customers.

This program made me a better, more strategic product maker


Ian Brand

Product Innovation @ General Motors

Cara Meverden

Podcasts @ Apple

Dylan Watkins

VR / AR Developer

Eugenia Kuyda

CEO @ Replika

Apply for our Team Accelerator

So here’s the deal…

This is an intensive, high-impact program where we work closely with you and your team to innovate faster and smarter, and create a wildly successful product.

If this sound like what you need, fill in the application below. If you qualify, we’ll setup a call to discuss how we can super-charge your progress and help you meet your goals.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

-Amy Jo

What you can expect

  • Build momentum quickly by working on the right problems and issues from the get-go
  • Find EXACTLY the right early customers to give you actionable, product-shaping insights
  • Make real progress, real fast thanks to time-saving tools & videos
  • Private team kickoff sprint to focus the program on your specific needs and timeline
  • Easy-to-follow learning modules with time-saving templates that free you to focus on execution & design
  • Personalized 1:1 coaching customized to your product development stage
  • A data-driven design process that delivers results your can trust

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