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Game Thinking


drop-in chat & networking

⚡️ for Academy members & alumni ⚡️

Sunday Sep 17 2021

9am PT ⚡️ 11am ET ⚡️ 6pm CEST ⚡️ 10:30pm IST

Join us to hangout together and connect with fellow Academy member Kevyn Eva Norton – lead game designer of Shadow’s Edge, a mental health game for teenagers & young adults. 

Kevyn lives in Switzerland and works for a Silicon Valley-based company. She’s currently in Columbia, running fact-finding workshops with Columbian youth as part of preparing to launch Shadow’s Edge in that region. 

shadow's edge

We’ll get an update from Kevyn on how the workshops are going, and what she’s learning as she prepares to localize her game for a different region and population.

In upcoming weeks we’ll be featuring Academy members and continuing to build connections.