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Digital Health Salon

weekly drop-in chat exploring the 

frontiers of digital health

Sundays in Clubhouse

10am PT ⚡️ 1pm ET ⚡️ 7pm CEST ⚡️ 11:30pm IST

Join us @ 10am PT  Sunday March 14, 2021

Community-Driven Game Design for Mental Health

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10am PT Sunday March 14

Meet Your Hosts

Game Thinking Academy

Amy Jo Kim

Game Thinking Academy

Amy Jo is a game designer and startup coach. 

Learn more about Amy Jo…

Click Therapeutics

Gosia Machniewska

Click Therapeutics

Gosia is the product lead at a medical startup in NYC

Learn more about Gosia …

Justice Jo Legal Services

Joanne McFadden

Justice Jo Legal Services

Joanne runs a service for women fighting custody battles.

 Learn more about Joanne …

Shadow's Edge

Kevyn Eva Norton

Shadow’s Edge

Kevyn is the lead designers for a mental health game.

Learn more about Kevyn …

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Past Sessions

Feb 21 2021

Adventures in CGM with Nightscout’s Sulka Haro

If you know someone with diabetes, you’re probably familiar with glucose monitoring. In the last few years, CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) has transformed diabetic care and treatment. And the next generation of CGM tech is poised to impact how we optimize our diet and lifestyle for health and longevity.  
Join us for a deep dive into this fascinating technology & meet Sulka Haro, a game developer who co-created an open-source CGM solution to help manage his son’s Type 1 diabetes. 

Feb 14 2021

Love & Relationships 

How can we build digital experiences that strengthen our relationships and increase the love and care in our lives?
 Join us for a special Valentine’s Day edition of the Digital Health Salon. We’ll share stories and the lessons we’ve learned about staying connected and mentally strong during the pandemic.

Feb 7 2021

VR & Mental Health with Nanea Reeves

Check out TrippVR

Learn about TRIPP for mental health

Listen to Nanea's Game Thinking Interview

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