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#Gpower Mastermind

leadership coaching & peer feedback for female founders, CXOs & product leaders

Do you want to make faster, smarter decisions & level-up your product leadership skills? 

The Gpower Mastermind is a small-group coaching program for female founders, executive and product leaders, designed to hone your skills and sharpen your decision-making.

We created Gpower in response to a growing need among women entrepreneurs for product leadership coaching that’s aligned with their goals & values.

Our  approach integrates three core services:

  • Weekly small-group coaching
    Expert-led online sessions with a small, trusted group of peers
  • Quarterly 1:1 private coaching
    Quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions to review your goals & challenges 
  • Powerful Trainings & Design Templates
    All-access pass & customized links into our product design course & template library

In the Gpower Mastermind, you get expert coaching right when you need it – plus ongoing feedback and support from a highly curated peer group going through similar experiences.

All delivered within a proven design framework that will 10X your path to product-market fit.

Imagine having an expert coach & trusted peer group to turn to for ongoing guidance & feedback as you navigate your design and leadership challenges. 

How would that impact your decision-making confidence & stress level?

How would that accelerate your team’s ability to move quickly in the right direction?

If you’re excited and energized by these questions, this program might be for you. 



Hi. I’m Amy Jo Kim—game designer, entrepreneur & startup coach. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs super-charge their path to product/market fit and build deeply engaging products. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of founders, product leaders and cross-functional teams around the world, helping them bring their ideas to life.  From my wonderful students and clients, I’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t—in the early stages of product innovation.

Recently, I’ve learned that female founders:

  • face a unique set of leadership challenges  – both within their company & externally with stakeholders & investors
  • want support to navigate these challenges in an powerful way that feels authentic & gets results
  • will get the most impactful and meaningful results from a mix of 1:1 coaching with targeted peer feedback

I created the Gpower Mastermind to bring high-impact results to the people who need it. 

If you’re ready to super-charge your product leadership skills,  I’d love to support your success.


in the Gpower Mastermind

Actionable Leadership Coaching

You meet 1:1 with your coach monthly, plus touch base on demand to resolve any issues that come up

Targeted Peer Feedback

Never get stuck – your hand-selected peer community is there for support and guidance every step of the way

Proven Design System

You’ll learn proven product design & development skills that empower your team to move fast in the right direction

5 step diagram diverge converge

about Game Thinking

5-step system to super-charge product/market fit & build engagement from the ground up

5 step diagram


Clarify your strategy & plan your experiment

Adopting the right design habits will set you up for success. Use the MVP Canvas to clarify your strategy & identify high-risk assumptions that need early testing


Identify & learn from your hot-core superfans

Find and learn from the people who’ll use your product first.  Use the Superfan Funnel to identify the early adopters who’ll put up with cost & friction to get their needs met


Create a compelling customer journey over time

To build the right MVP, you’ll visualize how customers will use your product over time, guided by our Mastery Path & learning Loop model.


Prototype & test your core learning loop

Now you’ll test your ideas with vetted early adopters using your 3-part Playtest Script as a guide – and get actionable insights to help you iterate your core experience.


Analyze your results & decide what to do next

Now that you’ve tested your ideas in rough form with the rigtht Superfans, you’ll ready to circle back to where you started, and decide wherther to pivot or persevere.

You’ll use the data you’ve gathered to validate your assumptions, update your designs, & outline next steps with your Product Brief – a research-informed, validated plan of action that will guide you and your team towards success.

from world-class VIP Mentors including…

Just Enough Research

Erika Hall

Just Enough Research
Build Better Products

Laura Klein

Build Better Products
Lean Customer Development

Cindy Alvarez

Lean Customer Development


When does the Female Founders Project start?

This is an ongoing program. Once your application is approved, we schedule your kickoff meeting & coaching sessions, and introduce you to your peer group

What topics do you cover? 

We cover topics related to product and company leadership including product strategy & design, finding product/market fit, communication, negotiation, & team dynamics. 

Game Thinking sounds great, but I’m building an app/platform/enterprise system. Is this only for games?

Game Thinking can improve any product experience that can be built around learning, mastery and empowerment. It works for games, sire – but this process ALSO works for products, apps, blogs, marketplaces, events – any designed experience where your goal is long-term engagement. 

This reminds me of Gamification – but I’m not hearing a lot about game mechanics. What’s the difference?

Gamification is the open door – a way to get people interested in the power of games. Game Thinking is the next step. It’s about bringing your ideas to life like a game designer, and creating feedback looks that empower & engage your players in a meaningful way. 

Where do I need to participate?

This program runs online, and is open to entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. You need an Internet-connected  computer or mobile phone to access the course materials and group meetings.

Is this a good fit for me? 

If you want to 10X your effectiveness at early product design. this program is for you. It’s especially effective for cross-functional teams, product leaders and passionate entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of games to drive long-term engagement.

What happens if I get busy? 

All of the materials are online, and you can move at your own pace through the activities. And you get lifetime access to the material, so you never have to worry about missing out.

What if I miss the Q&A calls?

All the weekly calls are recorded and shared online – so you can download and listen to them on your own schedule.