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Product Leadership Coaching for Founders & CXOs

Ggpower is for founders, product leaders & CXOs who want to sharpen their decision-making and leadership skills with Game Thinking.  We offer 

  • Small-Group Masterminds
    Expert-led weekly coaching with a trusted peer group
  • Private 1:1 Coaching
    Weekly & bi-monthly packages for individuals & teams
  • Game Thinking Trainings, Courses & Templates
    Full access to our product design courses & templates


Hi. I’m Amy Jo Kim—game designer, entrepreneur & startup coach. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of founders & product leaders around the world, helping them bring their ideas to life. And I’ve learned that female founders:

  • face a unique set of leadership challenges  – both within their company & externally with stakeholders & investors
  • want to navigate these challenges in an powerful way that feels authentic & gets results
  • often get the most impactful & meaningful results from a mix of 1:1 coaching with targeted peer feedback & support

I created Gpower to bring high-impact results to the people who need it. 

If you’re ready to super-charge your product leadership skills,  I’d love to support your success.


Featured Coaching Clients


Lisha Li


Lisha is the founder of, a startup making AI-generated media and creator of the Tokkingheads app.

More about Lisha …

CEO, SMI Logistics

Candis Best

CEO, SMI Logistics

Candis is a serial entrepreneur and founder & CEO of SMI Logistics, a leading provider in transportation logistics. 

More about Candis …

CEO, Mighty Networks

Gina Bianchini

CEO, Mighty Networks

Gina is a serial entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Mighty Networks, a leading provider of tools for the creator economy.

More about Gina …

Co-founder & President, Happify Health

Ofer Leidner

Co-founder & President, Happify Health

Ofer is a serial entrepreneur and President/Co-Founder of Happify Health, a leader provider of digital healthcare. 

More about Ofer …

What  They’re Saying

kacie hsu testimonial 1080x720 with gt logo

Featured Members: Digital Health Mastermind

Click Therapeutics

Gosia Machniewska

Click Therapeutics

Gosia is a Senior Designer at medical startup Click Therapeutics

More about Gosia …

Shadow's Edge

Kevyn Eva Norton

Shadow’s Edge

Kevyn is the lead designer for mental health game Shadow’s Edge.

More about Kevyn …

Get Custody Now

Joanne McFadden

Get Custody Now

Joanne “Justice Jo” is the founder of legal startup Get Custody Now.

More about Joanne …


Kate Linn


Kate is Senior Director, Product Management at nutrition startup Foodsmart

More about Kate…

Gpower FAQ

What is the Gpower program? 

We offer small-group masterminds and private 1:1 coaching for female executives trained in the Game Thinking system. 

When does the program start?

This is an ongoing program. Once you’re approved, we schedule your kickoff & introduce you to your peer group

Game Thinking sounds great, but I’m building an app/platform/enterprise system. Is this only for games?

Game Thinking can improve any product experience that can be built around learning, mastery and empowerment. It works for games, sire – but this process ALSO works for products, apps, blogs, marketplaces, events – any designed experience where your goal is long-term engagement. 

This reminds me of Gamification – but I’m not hearing a lot about game mechanics. What’s the difference?

Gamification is the open door – a way to get people interested in the power of games. Game Thinking is the next step. It’s about bringing your ideas to life like a game designer, and creating feedback looks that empower & engage your players in a meaningful way. 

Where do I need to participate?

This program runs online, and is open to professionals worldwide. You can access the learning materials and group meetings with a connected  computer or mobile phone.

Is this a good fit for me? 

If you want to 10X your product leadership skills, this program is for you. During your onboarding, we’ll discuss your needs and can tailor your coaching to your needs & budget.