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Retention + Engagement:
Don’t launch without it

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Build deep engagement from the ground up

Game thinking embraces the principles of lean/agile design and design thinking: empathize with customers and move rapidly through the build-test-learn cycle.

But what about engagement? How do we keep customers coming back? 

The games industry knows how to make deeply engaging products. By working on genre-defining games like The Sims, Rock Band, and Ultima Online, Game Thinking pioneer Amy Jo Kim learned that customers stick with products that help them get better at something they care about.

Leading companies, game studios and hot startups worldwide have used this breakthrough approach for innovating smarter and driving engagement from the ground up.

And now, you can too.

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Get the book that started it all

Game Thinking explains the entire game thinking system, used by hundreds of companies worldwide to accelerate their progress toward product market fit, and create a path to mastery that locks in customer retention. With vivid case studies, useful templates, and hundreds of diagrams. Now available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats.

“In launching a new business, this process was exactly what I needed. It saved me money and time. I was looking for a way to test quicker and smarter. Amy’s superfan process is genius and it works. Her iterative process is no-nonsense and helped me get to my bottom line quicker.” — Amazon reviewer

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