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Level 1 Certification

For Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers who want to run Game Thinking workshops

Are you excited about the power of Game Thinking?

Do you want to use this cutting edge methodology to accelerate product development and improve innovation outcomes for your clients and colleagues?

Created by game designer & startup coach Amy Jo Kim, our Certification programs teach you how to run your own Game Thinking workshops and sprints.

All Certification programs include a 1-year license to use our exclusive training materials in your practice.

We run Level 1 certification concurrently with our Game Thinking Masterclass, and privately with companies, brands and startup incubators to train their staff.

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How it works

Level 1 Certification is for coaches, trainers and consultants who want to add Game Thinking Workshops to their service offerings. Our public program is open to Masterclass participants and alumni. 


Certification candidates get:

  • Four workshop training sessions that teach you to run a high-impact Game Thinking workshop
  • Weekly coaching opportunities where you coach other trainees and students with guidance and feedback
  • Private Certification Group to share your work & get answers


To become certified, you must:

  • Attend at least four Masterclass coaching meetings
  • Participate in (or watch) all workshop training sessions
  • Complete at least 2 hours as an Assistant Coach
  • Pass a written test that shows that you’ve mastered the basics


Once you’re certified, you can:

  • Customize our Design Templates to serve your specific market
  • Run Game Thinking workshops with confidence and ease
  • Showcase your certification on the web, LinkedIn, etc
  • Be a featured Workshop Leader on

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