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harness the power of Game Thinking with this 5-day virtual program 

Wanna 10X your product/market fit and drive lasting customer engagement?

In the Game Thinking Design Sprint you\’ll learn how to

⚡️ unlock the secrets of long-term engagement with techniques from hit games

⚡️ figure out what your customers want early in development – before coding or designing

⚡️ build a product that pulls your customers back, again and again

We combine Game Design, Systems Thinking, Agile/Lean UX, and Design Thinking into a potent recipe for finding product/market fit FAST. We’ve helped dozens of successful teams bring their ideas to life — and we can help you too.

Based on the Amazon Bestseller

Based on the Amazon Bestseller

in your Game Thinking Design Sprint

Get ready to:

  • Find & leverage your Early Customers to move towards mass-market success
  • Apply insights & techniques from games to create a deeply-engaging experience
  • Turbo-charge your product design with expert instruction & time-saving tools



  • Entrepreneurs who need to accelerate product/market fit
  • Intrapreneurs building innovative products in larger orgs
  • Product leaders who want to increase retention & reduce churn
  • Learning professionals who want to leverage Game Thinking
  • Service providers who want to improve their client outcomes
  • Cross-functional teams eager to 10X product discovery & design


5-day virtual Design Sprint


September 29-Oct 4 2019
+ 12 weeks of followup coaching


Online,  in your time zone


What impact will GameThinking have on YOUR business? 


This serial entrepreneur connected with hot-core Superfans faster than he thought possible

This startup CEO found her early customers & got a roadmap for product/market fit

This product leader used Superfan insights to create a compelling customer journey

This CEO found a methodology that aligned her team and super-charged their progress

This educator figured out how to design a compelling experience for her learning system

This business owner validated an she\’d been developing for years in a few short weeks

This accomplished game designer uses Game Thinking in his work – and thinks you should too

This gaming veteran uses Game Thinking in her client work with health and mindfulness apps

from your Design Sprint

  • Self-paced lessons that deliver high-impact learning without overwhelm
  • Step-by-step templates that guide you through design activities quickly
  • Live coaching calls that give you personalized feedback & peer-based learning
  • A private Design Sprint group where our team will answer your questions 24/7

Weekly content updates keep you moving

Each week you get a new learning module filled with short videos, interactive templates, and resources designed to help you understand the core concepts and what you’re learning to use.

Step-by-step templates help you complete each activity

You\’ll stay on track and make rapid progress by using our proprietary online templates. These templates take the guesswork out of building your MVP by showing you what to do, and how to do it.

Live Q&A coaching calls deepen your learning

Get your questions answered and hear real-time Case Studies during our live coaching calls. If you can\’t make it, no worries – we record & post the calls in your Members area.


Private Community for accountability and support

You\’ll get exclusive access to the Game Thinking Masterclass group, filled with entrepreneurs just like you who are happy to share their knowledge and experience..

Flexible time commitment – learn at your own pace

Each week during the program, you should expect to spend roughly:

  • 1-3 hours watching videos and participating in Q&A calls
  • 5-15 hours doing project work to develop & test your ideas

You move at your own pace, taking breaks as needed.  Take advantage of our bonus Work Week to stay on top of the material. The more time and effort you put in, the faster you’ll reach your goal.



Hi. I’m Amy Jo Kim—game designer & startup coach. I\’ve worked with hundreds of product leaders to bring their ideas to life.  I\’ve run and sold a venture-funded startup – and written a best-selling book about successful innovation with Game Thinking. 

Through it all, I\’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t—when you\’re bringing a risky idea to life. I\’m bringing that knowledge to startups, game studios, and companies worldwide in our Game Thinking Masterclass

I\’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs find product/market fit, and I\’d love to get the chance to help YOU build a delightful product that brings your customers back.



Hi. I’m Scott Kim—puzzle master & game designer. I\’ve designed puzzles for hit games like Bejeweled, Poppit and Moshi Monsters — created innovative educational games for Age of Learning and the toy company ThinkFun. I\’m leading the EDUCATOR TRACK in the Masterclass. 

I\’m currently working with the Burlingame School District to integrate games into their enrichment programs. and turning a side project called Math Mondays into a national program for teachers and parents.

. I\’m passionate about games-based learning, and excited to help YOU create more engaging experiences.




Dori Adar - ISRAEL

Dori Adar - ISRAEL

Ambikesh Prasad - INDIA

Ambikesh Prasad - INDIA

Rob Alvarez - SPAIN

Rob Alvarez - SPAIN

Jaxton Cheah - SINGAPORE

Jaxton Cheah - SINGAPORE


with our proven 5-step design system

5 step diagram diverge converge

Clarify your Product Idea

Plan your high-learning experiment

Adopt the right mindset and habits and you\’ll be set up for success. In module 1,  you\’ll clarify your product hypotheses & prioritize your assumptions with our MVP Canvas.

Identify your Superfans

Identify your high-need customers

When you find the right customers, everything falls into place. In module 2, you\’ll identify your hot-core early adopters, and figure out who most NEEDS what you offer with a Superfan Screener. 

Surface relevant habits & unmet needs

Customer insights inform design. To create a compelling product, you need to know who you\’re designing for. You\’ll use Speed Interviews to surface product-ready insights from the right people.

Plan your Mastery Path

Distill insights into design-ready form

Turn customer knowledge into product design decisions.  You’ll use Job Stories to connect your insights about customer motivation & habits to your product design. 

Design a compelling customer journey

Design your product for long-term engagement. You\’ll use the 4-stage Mastery Path model to sketch out how your customer\’s experience gets better as they use your product over time.

Playtest your Learning Loop

Prototype your Core Learning Loop

Build a simple, pleasurable MVP (Minimum Viable Product). To get product feedback quickly, you’ll prototype a stripped-down Learning Loop that captures your Day 21 experience.

Test your ideas with early customers

Get real customer feedback FAST. You’ll test your ideas in rough form with vetted early adopters – and get actionable insights on your core experience .

Validate your Product Idea

Validate your strategy & design

Update your roadmap with customer data. After you’ve tested your ideas, you’ll validate your assumptions, update your designs & decide whether to pivot or persevere.


from expert VIP mentors like…

Get your Core Loop on

Dan Cook

Get your Core Loop on
A Theory of Fun

Raph Koster

A Theory of Fun
The Art of Game Design

Jesse Schell

The Art of Game Design
Gaming System Design

Mike Sellers

Gaming System Design
Games-based learning

Karl Kapp

Games-based learning
UX & Design Management

Irene Au

UX & Design Management
Business & UX

Janice Fraser

Business & UX
Lean Product Development

Jeff Patton

Lean Product Development
Lean Customer Development

Cindy Alvarez

Lean Customer Development
Lean UX Design

Laura Klein

Lean UX Design
Behavioral Economics

Jason Hreha

Behavioral Economics
UX Strategy and Design

Erika Hall

UX Strategy and Design


Masterclass for Me

  • 8 weeks of video training for you to learn the basics
  • Step-by-step templates guide you through the activities
  • 2 extra Getting Things Done bonus sessions
  • Weekly group coaching meetings in your time zone
  • Supportive community to help you learn & iterate
  • Group meetings with VIP Guest coaches

Pay in full (and save $200): $1,997

Sign up (full payment )   

– OR –

Make four monthly payments: $549/month

Sign up (payment plan)   

Masterclass for Teams

  • 8 weeks of video training for your team (up to 10)
  • Step-by-step templates guide you through the activities
  • 2 extra Getting Things Done bonus sessions
  • Weekly private team meetings to guide your design
  • Customized kick-off meeting to onboard your team
  • 1:1 meetings with select VIP guest coaches

Enroll up to 10 team members: $9,997

Signup your Team   

about this program

High-impact Techniques

You’ll learn actionable product design & development techniques that you\’ll use over and over again.

Lifetime Access

Your training materials are yours forever to use and re-use for each new exciting project you embark on.

Ongoing Support

Never get stuck – you\’ll have access to support and guidance every step of the way in our online learning community.

with our risk-free 30-day guarantee

We want you to feel confident as you make this important decision, and be satisfied with your purchase.

Participate in the Masterclass through June 18 2019. If you do the work and don’t get value – or your learning style doesn’t match how we teach – we’ll happily refund your money.



When is the course?  

Our 2019 Masterclass runs May 20th through July 19th.  Registration closes May 17, and re-opens in 2020.

When is the course? When do meetings happen?

Meetings happen in your time zone – sometime between 7 AM to 9 PM PST  to accommodate our worldwide audience. 

Where do I need to participate?

The Masterclass runs completely online. You need an Internet-connected  computer or mobile phone to access the materials and attend our coaching meetings.

What topics do you cover? 

The Masterclass targets innovation skills needed for cross-functional teams. Thus we cover product strategy, customer research, game & UX design, and product management. 

What happens if I get busy? 

All the materials are online, and you get lifetime access.  You can move at your own pace & never worry about missing out.

What if I miss the Q&A calls?

All the weekly calls are recorded and published online – so you can download and listen to them on your own schedule.

Game Thinking sounds great, but I\’m building an app/platform/enterprise system. Is this only for games?

Game Thinking will improve any product experience that can be built around learning, mastery and empowerment. It works for games – and ALSO for products, apps, blogs, marketplaces, and events where the goal is long-term engagement. 

This reminds me of Gamification – but I\’m not hearing a lot about game mechanics. What\’s the difference?

Gamification opens the door and gets people interested in the power of games. Game Thinking is the next step.  You\’ll learn how to bring your ideas to life like a game designer, and create  Learning Loops that empower your players

This course covers a LOT of material. How can I do it all?  

You\’re right – it IS a lot of material. We\’ve broken it into manageable chunks, organized around activities with step-by-step instructions that move your project forward. You\’ll get short-term gains from this material – AND long-term skill-building as you use these techniques on future projects. 

What if I don\’t have the time I need, or the right skills?

That\’s a great question. This program is not for everyone.  If you can\’t carve out time to test your assumptions and make design changes – it\’s not for you. Skill-wise, you don\’t need to be a trained researcher or designer; you DO need to be willing to follow directions and passionate about getting results.

Will my employer cover the cost of the course?  

If your company has a training budget, this should be easy to cover. Participating will enhance your product design and management skills – and your entire team will benefit from the techniques you bring back to the company. CLICK HERE to learn more

Is this a good fit for me? 

It\’s all about what kind of outcomes you\’re looking for.  If you want to 10X your effectiveness at early product design, find product/market fit faster than you thought possible, and leverage the true underlying power of games – this Masterclass is a GREAT fit for you.