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System Design Fundamentals: Part 1


a new online course from

Mike Sellers & Amy Jo Kim


Understanding Systems

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➡️  What is a system?

➡️  Why is it important to understand systems?

➡️  How do parts, loops & wholes create systems that work?

➡️  How do systems create learning and mastery?

➡️  How can we better understand the systems around us? 
       Learn to use the Systems Design Template

➡️  BONUS: Emergent behavior from simple rules


Interested? Want to stay in touch and find out more? 

About Amy Jo Kim


I’m a game designer & startup coach, working with product leaders to bring their ideas to life.  I’ve run and sold a venture-funded startup – and written a best-selling book about innovating smarter with Game Thinking.  Through it all, I’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t—when you’re bringing a risky idea to life. I’m bringing that knowledge to startups, game studios, and companies worldwide in our Game Thinking courses and programs. 


About Mike Sellers


I’m a seasoned, collaborative leader and mentor with two deep experience making successful, award-winning games. I co-created Meridian 59, the first graphical MMO – and worked on a number of other titles. I now run the Game program at Indiana University.  I’m the author of “Advanced Game Design: A Systems Approach” – a university-level textbook that delivers a systems-thinking approach to game development. 


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