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Journey Design Workshop Build your customer journey like a hit game designer

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Amy Jo Kim
with Amy Jo Kim

An engaged customer is the ultimate success.

In this 2-day virtual workshop, you’ll learn how to build a compelling & sustainable customer journey that keeps people coming back. 

You’ll discover how hit game designers bring ideas to life – and get the tools & framework you need to apply these principles to your own product, game or community. 

See What People are Saying

Now I can do research much earlier & set my teams up for success


Bonnie Chiurazzi

Director Market Insights, Glassdoor

This program help me serve customers better & deliver client solutions faster.


Dylan Watkins

Founder, Reality Smash

Amy Jo’s program & insights gave me practical, tangible design skills.


Gina Bianchini

CEO, Mighty Networks

Amy Jo’s MVP methodology is fantastic. The results you’ll see are a no-brainer


Ofer Leidner

President, Twill / Happify

I was amazed at how quickly we found the right people to test our product


Robin Allenson


Finally, I have a method to track innovation projects & help my team build hits


George Ogbonnaya

VP @ First City Monument Bank

Game Thinking saved us from struggling through Customer Discovery on our own

9 cara headshot

Cara Meverden

Podcasts @ Apple

This workshop is for you if you’re a…

Startup Founder

who wants to build a more compelling customer journey 

Product Leader

who wants to drive retention & find product/market fit

Executive or CXO

who wants to improve & accelerate project outcomes 

Topics We’ll Cover

  • Why identity, community & retention are connected – & why it matters
  • How The Sims, Rock Band & Covet Fashion crafted high-retention customer journeys
  • How hit designers bring their games to life in partnership with their hot-core Superfans
  • The surprising reason why promising, high-profile products fail at long-term retention
  • How Will Wright transformed The Sims from a failed experiment into a worldwide hit 
  • How to use the Journey Design toolkit to level-up your team & drive retention

Alumni Companies & Brands We ❤️

Meet Your Instructor

Amy Jo Kim

Hi there!  I’m a game designer, entrepreneur, and startup coach. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Through trial-and-error, we’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t—in the early stage of innovation.

Now we’ve embedded our knowledge, process and best shortcuts into a powerful and flexible online program—accessible to startups, game studios, accelerators, and companies worldwide. If you’re creating an innovative product, the Game Thinking Masterclass will help you create a product that delights your early, passionate customers—and that’s the single best way to increase your chances of success.

I’m deeply passionate about helping entrepreneurs worldwide create compelling and successful products. I look forward to helping you and your team make faster, smarter product decisions and accelerate your path towards product/market fit.

Workshop Curriculum: What You’ll Learn

  • Unlock the power of progress

    Learn how to build a compelling journey that helps your customer make meaningful progress in ways they care about.

  • Find the struggling moments

    Learn how to get customers to reveal their needs, desires & struggles – and use that knowledge to engage them over time.

  • Habit-stack your way to retention

    Identify who needs what you offer & will put up with cost & friction to get those needs met with our Superfan Screener.

  • Design your re-engagement loop

    Build your MVL (Minimum Viable Loop) – a skill-building Learning Loop that tests your core value proposition.

  • SHOWCASE: Create Your Journey Design

    Learn by examples – see compelling customer journeys in action & learn how to make your own Journey Design Teardown.

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