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Game Thinking Mastermind

Group coaching for innovators, entrepreneurs & product leaders

AJK group coaching

The Game Thinking Mastermind is a 6-month coaching program for graduates of our workshops and courses. We bring together startup CEOs, business owners and product leaders who want to innovate smarter and build more compelling experiences.

f you want to leverage Game Thinking to validate your ideas, solve your toughest design challenges and accelerate your path to product/market fit, this program is for you.

Join us – and get the feedback, accountability and expert coaching you need to grow your business.

Who is the Mastermind for?

  • Business Owners who want to accelerate product development
  • Product Leaders who want to craft more compelling experiences
  • Startup CEOs who want to innovate smarter and faster

What can you expect?

  • Monthly group meetings with case studies, special guests and live hot-seat coaching from Amy Jo Kim 
  • Accountability and support from a small group of like-minded peers who’re invested in your success
  • Access to a community of VIP experts, peers and alumni who can help you succeed

What will you accomplish in the Mastermind?

Clarify your Product/Market Strategy

  • Understand the sequence of events for accelerated product development so it’s crystal clear what you should be working on
  • Identify who NEEDS what you offer AND is willing to put up with cost, friction and ridicule just to be a part of what you’re making

Mobilize your early passionate customers

  • Get a precise understanding of the essence of customer interviews and rapidly find out who your customers are along with their habits, needs and desires
  • Apply the powerful techniques of Job & Habit Stories to tap into your customers’ intrinsic motivation and existing habits, and turn your customer insights into product decisions

Design for Long-Term Engagement

  • Visualize how customers will use your product over time using a four-stage Customer Narrative
  • Design and prototype a stripped-down Core Loop Prototype and test your core value proposition

Validate Your Product Experience with Smart Experiments

  • Test your prototype with vetted early customers and use our three-part Play-Test Script to get actionable insights on your core product experience
  • Validate your assumptions, update your designs and outline next steps with your Alpha Brief, your research-backed, validated development plan

Get extra support from our Game Thinking mentors

Build Better Products

Laura Klein

Build Better Products
A Theory of Fun

Raph Koster

A Theory of Fun
The Art of Game Design

Jesse Schell

The Art of Game Design
Just Enough Research

Erika Hall

Just Enough Research
Get your Core Loop on

Dan Cook

Get your Core Loop on
Lean Customer Development

Cindy Alvarez

Lean Customer Development
Gaming & education

Karl Kapp

Gaming & education
Behavioral product scientist

Jason Hreha

Behavioral product scientist
Gaming System Design

Mike Sellers

Gaming System Design

So here’s the deal…

This is an invitation-only program where I commit to working with you and supporting your success for 6 months at a time. Our shared goal is to help you to innovate faster and smarter, and create a successful product, game or service. 

If this sound like what you need, click the button below. 

-Amy Jo

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