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WED JUNE 3, 2020

 10 AM PST  • 1 PM EST •  6 PM GMT  •  10:30 PM IST

Live Training

Before you build, “play the space”

I’ve worked with game designers like Will Wright (The Sims), Raph Koster & Richard Garriott (Ultima Online), and Tracy Rosenthal-Newsom (Rock Band) building breakthrough hits.

And I noticed something. To kickoff a new project, these creators would “play the space” and analyze the experience delivered by their closest competitors.

Now, many people do UX teardowns of screens and flows – which is fine if you’re tweaking your UX. But if you’re designing something new – or re-designing an existing product – you need a teardown format that’ll accelerate your product discovery work. 


Emulate hit-makers with Mastery Path Teardowns

 A Mastery Path teardown reveals the experience over time delivered by your competitors. This tool  is inspired by an analytic process that produced major hits. It works for games, products, apps, and services. Use it to do quick, high-impact analyses of the important experiences in your market. 

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In this action-packed Teardown Training, you’ll learn

  • the common teardown mistake that will send you in the wrong direction
  • how Mastery Path Teardowns help you design better products
  • how a mobile games studio used Mastery Path Teardowns to revamp a failing game pitch
  • how a healthcare startup used Mastery Path Teardowns to change their approach to habit-building and gamification

Join us to discover how to innovate smarter with Mastery Path Teardowns.

Save your seat – It’s FREE
100% privacy guaranteed. Your information will not be shared.


Amy Jo Kim

Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D.

CEO, Shufflebrain

Named by Fortune as a top-10 gaming influencer, Amy Jo Kim helped to create breakthrough hits like eBay, The Sims, Rock Band, Covet Fashion, and Happify.

Now she helps entrepreneurs and innovators bring their ideas to life with Game Thinking – a proven system and toolkit for innovating smarter and driving deep engagement from the ground up. 

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