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Game Thinking for Professional Development

Many of our Game Thinking students have their organization sponsor participation as part of their professional development.

If you think your organization has funding for this, we encourage you to check it out!

Here are a few tips on requesting sponsorship for your participation:

1. Talk about the benefits with your employer

What business goals are they trying to achieve? How will your participation improve your ability to help them achieve those goals? Having this conversation will help you gain support. Here are some talking points. 

Game Thinking is a system for innovating smarter and driving deep engagement. Learning this system will enhance our internal innovation and design efforts, and ultimately save us time and money. 

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2. Connect the benefit to your development plan

If you and your manager hav identified areas for your development (for example, in a recent performance review), explain how this training connects to those areas.

By learning Game Thinking, I’ll become a better contributor with enhanced skills in design, strategy, and customer research.

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3. Explain how the entire team will benefit

Be clear that you will not only use the learning for yourself but will bring it back to your team or larger organization, and be open to brainstorming ways to do that.

Game Thinking centers around cross-functional collaboration. I’m excited to share what I learn with my team, so that we can become a faster, more effective learning organization.