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Super-charge your product discovery and get better innovation outcomes with the system trusted by global brands, game studios and startups worldwide. 🚀

Run by game designer and startup coach Amy Jo Kim, Game Thinking Certification gives you the tools and training to run your own Game Thinking programs. ⚒

We work with individuals who want to level-up their practice – and internal staff at companies, accelerators and incubators who want to leverage a proven system for innovating faster and smarter. ⚙️



Benefits of certification

  • Learn product design skills that will level-up your career
  • Run Game Thinking programs with confidence & ease
  • Showcase your certification on the web, LinkedIn, etc
  • Customize our Templates to serve your specific market
  • Be featured as a Coach on


Madrid, Spain

Rob Alvarez

Madrid, Spain

Rob is Associate Director at the IE Business school, and hosts the popular Professor Game podcast.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jaxton Cheah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jaxton leads the Gamification practice at People Psyence, and produces the Game Thinking Asia conference & workshops 

Mumbai, India

Ambikesh Prasad

Mumbai, India

Ambikesh runs our Game Thinking India practice where he helps startups and entrepreneurs find product/market fit. 

Paris, France

Nadia Benedetti

Paris, France

Nadia is a trainer and coach who helps companies innovate smarter with playful learning techniques.

Modena, Italy

Lara Oliveti

Modena, Italy

Lara is the CEO of Melazeta, a company specializing in gamification and mobile app development.

San Francisco, CA

Robin Yang

San Francisco, CA

Robin is the Senior Product Manager at CodeCombat, a multiplayer game that teaches kids how to code.

How it works

Our Certification programs have three integrated components that together deliver high-impact training and results. 


Certification Program

Certification candidates learn how to use Game Thinking to coach and train product leaders & entrepreneurs.  This behind-the-scenes training includes:

  • Full Game Thinking system including video lessons & interactive templates
  • Six workshop training sessions where you learn how to run a high-impact Game Thinking workshop
  • Private Certification Group to share your work & get answers


Certification Program

Certification candidates reinforce their knowledge by attending live coaching meetings with Game Thinking students. To become certified, you must:

  • Attend at least six live coaching meetings
  • Participate in (or watch) all workshop training sessions
  • Complete at least 2 hours as an Assistant Coach
  • Pass a written test showing you’ve mastered the basics


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To complete your Level 1 Certification, you apply Game Thinking to a personal project and share your results. Your final presentation will include:

  • A Game Thinking teardown of your nearest competitor
  • Hot-core Superfan Insights and how you gathered them 
  • Customer Journey paired with a coherent mental model
  • Game Thinking Ourline for your first planned workshop


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