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Accelerating Intrapreneur

 working inside your organization to make the right thing happen

4. intrapreneur accelerating

You love to get the opportunity to bring something new and different into the world. To make that happen, you need to collaborate internally and take your corporate ecosystem into account. You need to make sure your project is set up to succeed with both customers and stakeholders.

To support your efforts, we’re sending you a customized Innovation Cheat for Accelerating Intrapreneuts.  In it, you’ll find three actionable tips that will help you build support for your innovative projects – and a strategic template for kicking off a smart, high-learning product experiment. 

Check your email in a couple of minutes. You’ll find your CheatSheet, plus a personal story about how I discovered what works — and what doesn’t — on the path to product/market fit.

In the meantime – sit back, relax, and watch some Game Thinking videos.