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Thanks for taking the quiz – you’re an

Early-stage Intrapreneur 

working inside your organization to get resources & support for your innovative ideas

3. intrapreneur early stage

You love having the opportunity to innovate – taking a chance and bringing something new and different into the world.  And to bring innovative ideas to life, you need to collaborate internally and make sure your project is set up to succeed with both customers and stakeholders.

And as we know, that’s easier said than done.

To help you iterate towards success, we’re sending you a customized Innovation Cheat for Early-stage Intrapreneurs.  In it, you’ll find three actionable tips that will help you build support for your innovative projects – and a strategic template for kicking off a smart, high-learning product experiment. 

Check your email in a couple of minutes. You’ll find your CheatSheet, plus a personal story about my own journey as an innovator, discovering what works — and what doesn’t — on the path to product/market fit.

I look forward to supporting your success.