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CBDCs & Smart Contract-driven Development

featuring serial entrepreneur

Vinayak Joglekar


9am PT  •  12pm  ET  • 6pm  CET  •  9:30pm IST

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Rezoomex is a technology gig-work marketplace that values ethics and performance. It transforms resumes of ethical software professionals into NFTs, ensuring ownership and authenticity via blockchain. The platform enables secure transactions through smart contracts and reputation building without devaluing skills for initial reputation. Professionals receive skill and calibre tokens during NFT creation, reflecting their capabilities. Users can enhance authenticity by mutually staking tokens, creating a credible environment. Leveraging blockchain, it addresses hiring issues like quiet quitting and proxy interviews. Managed by a DAO, it offers unbiased searching, discovering, and engagement.

Join us for a virtual workshop where you will learn how to

  • transform ideas into manageable tasks 
  • define personas that represent your ideal customers
  • construct a user journey that captures the essence of your customer’s experience

This process leads to the definition of precise requirements, which are then broken down into user stories.

Aided by AI tools, facilitators will enhance this interactive learning experience. They will assist you in engaging with AI-driven platforms, ensuring that your transition from broad concepts to detailed user stories and UI wireframes is seamless and productive. 

Join us LIVE Mon May 6 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET

Save your seat – It’s FREE
100% privacy guaranteed. Your information will not be shared.

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