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Scenario Walkthrough

A “scenario walkthrough” is a rough concept prototype that shows how someone might use your product in their daily life. Think of this as an interactive storyboard for your customer journey.

Scenarios are particularly useful early-on, when you’re testing the core value proposition of your offering. Check out our Subcast case study and scenario walkthrough below to learn how this powerful prototyping approach can accelerate your path to product/market fit. 


Smart Podcasting App


Cara Meverden had a hot idea for a smart podcasting assistant. Being an experienced product manager, she knew she wanted to start by validating market need and focusing her design on a small set of hot-core early customers. But she wasn’t sure how to find them, and what to ask once she did.

By using templates to find our hot-core, we saved time & avoided stumbling  through the process on our own 

Cara posted a Superfan Screener and interviewed dozens of podcasting enthusiasts. She learned that the original group she’d been targeting – stay-at-home Moms – didn’t have a burning need for her product – but she found a group that did: under-stimulated professionals with a long commute. She focused on this hot-core audience and used the Scenario Walkthrough below to test and streamline her design. 


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