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2022-07-05 product market BANNER

Tue Sep 12  @ 9am PT / 12pm ET 

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We all want to replicate the success of products we admire.

But statistically – most startups fail. And the biggest reason is that they don’t manage to build something people want.

Is it possible to beat those odds & dramatically increase our odds of success?

YES. It’s possible. 

 In this training, you’ll learn the step-by-step system that will 10X product/market fit. You’ll find out:

  • Why 10 high-need early adopters trumps 10K  ‘users’
  • The 4 must-have traits that identify your best customers
  • Why low-fidelity Story Beats let you test ideas 10X faster
  • How modern AI tools can streamline your workflow & save your team months of time

Join us LIVE to learn how we’re using AI-powered tools to 10X PMF – plus get your PMF Cheatsheet – a downloadable guide to help you put these powerful ideas to work,

If you want to save time & empower your team, this is for you

LIVE training Tue 9/12 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET

Save Your Seat – It’s FREE
100% privacy guaranteed. Your information will not be shared.


CEO, Game Thinking Corp

Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D.

CEO, Game Thinking Corp

Named by Fortune as a top-10 gaming influencer, Amy Jo worked on breakthrough hits like The Sims, Rock Band, Ultima Online, eBay, Netflix, & Covet Fashion. She now helps innovative teams find product/market fit with Game Thinking – a proven system for building habits that stick.

Happy Clients

Amy Jo’s MVP methodology is fantastic. The results you’ll see are a no-brainer


Ofer Leidner

President, Twill / Happify

Working with Amy Jo is like having a world-class product designer in your pocket


Eugenia Kuyda


You’ve got to find your own window of opportunity. Game Thinking is your instruction manual.

Garry headshot

Garry Tan

CEO, Ycombinator

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