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Rapid Innovation Workshops

Executive training for founders, investors, & product leaders


Learn how to validate ideas 10X faster

These high-powered workshops are for executives, investors. & product leaders who want to help team(s) level-up their product skills & get reliably better innovation outcomes.

Startups, game studios & global brands have used this system to launch wildly successful products. You can too.

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Accelerated Results – Every Time 🚀

Game Thinking is a proven innovation system that blends Game Design, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, and Agile/Lean Practices into a potent recipe for accelerating innovation.

Game Thinking speeds up product validation and customer discovery by showing you how to:

  • partner with the right early customers and leverage their investment to tune your systems
  • plan your product lifecycle around a mastery path – and zero-in on the right parts to test first
  • build a stripped down, high-learning MVP that drives engagement from the ground up
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Who it’s for

Product Executives Founders & Startup CXOs Investors (VCs, Angels, Venture Studios) Game Studio CXOs Business Owners

What you’ll learn

Set the stage for high-value experiments
Find & leverage your ideal early customers
Create a compelling, sticky Habit Loop
Get reliably better innovation outcomes
Build a Playbook to implement these ideas

This program is magic for entrepreneurs searching for product/market fit


Candis Best

CEO @ Learningateway

This program saved my team months of time. Incredible value


Vinayak Joglekar

CTO @ Excellerate

This program changed how we design; it delivers powerful insights fast


Kacie Hsu

User Research @ Jam City

What you can expect

Create your own Rapid Innovation Playbook

In the Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to validate your ideas faster and smarter with the Game Thinking toolkit. 

To level-up your product skills, we teach you how to run three interconnected Game Thinking Sprints. This is an integrated system: the output of each Sprint is the input to the next. 

This highly efficient system exposes blue-ocean market opportunities and delivers validated design insights in record time. 

Learning these techniques will save you months of time and dramatically increase your odds of success.

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5 Tools for Rapid Innovation


1. MVP CANVAS: Run smarter product experiments

Increase retention by engaging customers in learning a skill

  • Get an overview of the end-to-end Game Thinking system
  • Learn the three habits shared by the most successful innovators
  • Clarify your go-to-market strategy & high-risk assumptions
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2. SUPER FANS: Identify your Beachhead Niche

Clarify your strategy & get focused customer insights

  • Identify who NEEDS what you offer – and who doesn’t
  • Understand your customers habits & motivations
  • Write Job Stories that capture their motivations & habits
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3. HABIT LOOPS: Design for Re-engagement

Design sustained engagement from the ground up

  • Visualize your end-to-end Customer Journey
  • Analyze your market with Competitive Teardowns
  • Design a habit-building Learning Loop
  • Drive retention with smart Progression Design
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4. CONCEPT STORYBOARDS: Validate Your Product Ideas

Test your ideas with low-fidelity storyboards

  • Visualize a 30-day journey with Concept Storyboards
  • Test your concept with vetted early customers
  • Validate & update your key assumptions
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5. COMPETITIVE TEARDOWNS: Analyze your market

Share your work and plan next steps

  • Share mastery path teardowns created by students
  • Learn about ways teardowns can be used in innovation
  • Plan next steps in your Game Thinking journey
  • Receive a certificate of completion 

Game Thinking stretches beyond gaming

Trusted By Global Brands, Startups & Game Studios

Game Thinking isn’t just for games. Our clients work in automotive, beauty, education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.

Successful product teams at Disney, Netflix, Tesla, Google, MTV, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, & the New York Times have used Game Thinking to bring their ideas to life faster and smarter.

What about you?

This program made me a better, more strategic product maker


Ian Brand

Product Innovation @ General Motors

Amanda Taylor

Senior Researcher

Dylan Watkins

VR / AR Developer

Eugenia Kuyda

CEO @ Replika

Who we are

Meet your coaches 👋🏽

Amy Jo Kim

Amy Jo Kim

Game designer & startup coach

I’ve worked with hundreds of product leaders to bring their ideas to life, and helped build and launch Rock Band, The Sims, eBay, Covet Fashion, and Happify.  I’ve also run and sold a venture-funded startup – so I know those challenges first-hand.

Through it all, I’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t—when you’re bringing a risky idea to life. I’m bringing that knowledge to startups, game studios, and companies worldwide in our Game Thinking Innovation Bootcamp

I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs find product/market fit. I’d love to help YOU innovate smarter and build a high-retention product.


Scott Kim

Educational game designer

I’m a game designer specializing in puzzle games (Tetris, Bejeweled), and educational game design (ThinkFun, ABCmouse).

I helped bring alive their innovative adaptive math game suite Mastering Math, started the supplemental educational program Math Monday to bring playfulness and beauty to math education.

If you’re in education, I’d love to help you build games that are both entertaining and effective.

Amy Jo’s program & insights gave me practical, tangible design skills.


Gina Bianchini

CEO, Mighty Networks

Amy Jo’s MVP methodology is fantastic. The results you’ll see are a no-brainer


Ofer Leidner

President, Twill / Happify

Amy Jo has a refined, effective process for bringing new ideas to life


Blair Ethington

VP @ eBay

Case Study

How Geocaching applied Game Thinking

Allison Kelsey

Director of Product, Geocaching
the world’s largest treasure hunt


Allison Kelsey was searching for a process to help her teams innovate beyond their core product & reach new audiences.

She attended the Bootcamp with a colleague, and liked it so much she brought her entire team into the program. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Innovation Bootcamp?  

A 5-day Game Thinking crash course that will level-up your product skills and deliver RESULTS.

When does the bootcamp happen?

Our next Bootcamp runs November 14-18, 2022 with LIVE sessions at 9am & 4pm PST

Where do I need to participate?

The Bootcamp runs online. You need an Internet-connected computer or mobile phone to access the materials and attend live meetings.

What topics do you cover? 

The Bootcamp targets key skills needed for cross-functional product teams: product strategy, customer research, game & UX design, and product management. 

What happens if I get busy? 

You move at your own pace: everything is online and you get lifetime access to the videos, templates and private group.  

What if I can’t make it to the live meetings?

We run these Bootcamps quarterly – if you miss one, simply attend the next one at your convenience.

Game Thinking sounds great, but I’m building an app/platform/enterprise system. Is this only for games?

Game Thinking will improve any product experience that can be built around learning, mastery and empowerment. It works for games – and ALSO for products, apps, blogs, marketplaces, and events where the goal is long-term engagement. 

This reminds me of Gamification – but I’m not hearing a lot about game mechanics. What’s the difference?

Gamification opens the door and gets people interested in the power of games. Game Thinking is the next step.  You’ll learn how to bring your ideas to life like a game designer, and create  Learning Loops that empower your players

Will my employer cover the cost?  

If your company has a training budget, this should be easy to cover. Participating will enhance your product design and management skills – and your entire team will benefit from the techniques you bring back to the company.

CLICK HERE to learn more about covering costs

Is this a good fit for me? 

It’s all about what kind of outcomes you’re looking for.  If you want to super-charge your product innovation skills, find product/market fit faster than you thought possible, and leverage the deeper underlying power of games – this Bootcamp is for you.