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Do product discovery & validation like a hit game designer 

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Part 1: Game Secrets that 10X product/market fit

Wanna crack the code for long-term engagement? 

Forget points – think character transformation 🌟

Points grab your attention momentarily, but character transformation creates lasting impact & loyalty.

In Part 1 of our PMF series, you’ll discover the gaming secrets that drive long-term engagement – and how to harness that power in your own work.

Part 2: Shortcuts that reveal your ideal testers

Without the right early adopters, even the best ideas fail to get traction.

The secret is finding “superfans” – a small niche of high-need early adopters that have four key traits:
βœ… They have the problem you solve
βœ… They know they have this problem
βœ… They don’t need social proof to try it
βœ… They’ve tried other similar solutions

In Part 2 of our PMF series, you’ll learn why early customers are crucial for success, and how to find them quickly. 

Part 3: How to design a high-retention product

Why do some products have great launches… & then struggle with retention? πŸ€”

Look closely & you’ll often see an underwhelming customer journey.

When engagement lags, resist the urge to tack on points and badges, or other simple mechanics.

In Part 3 of our PMF Series, you’ll learn how craft a journey and habit loop that helps customers get better at something they care about.

Part 4: Test ideas faster with concept storyboards

Successful innovation is about discovering all the ways that you’re wrong… on the path to being right.

Is it possible to discover how you might be wrong… even BEFORE writing code or designing detailed screens?


In Part 4 of our PMF series, you’ll learn how to test your end-to-end product ideas with low-fidelity storyboards – and why this Pixar-inspired technique can 10X product discovery.

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