10X your product/market fit
with the Game Thinking


This 8-week online coaching program helps you accelerate early product design and build the right MVP for your Superfans. If you want to innovate smarter and turn your promising idea into a compelling product – this is for you.

8 weeks

The next Masterclass launches in early 2020

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These companies use Game Thinking techniques… and so can you

I’m excited to work with you

Amy Jo Kim here—social game designer, entrepreneur, and startup coach. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Through trial-and-error, we’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t—in the early stage of innovation.

Now we’ve embedded our knowledge, process and best shortcuts into a powerful and flexible online program—accessible to startups, game studios, accelerators, and companies worldwide. If you’re creating an innovative product, the Game Thinking Masterclass will help you create a product that delights your early, passionate customers—and that’s the single best way to increase your chances of success.

I’m deeply passionate about helping entrepreneurs worldwide create compelling and successful products. I look forward to helping you and your team make faster, smarter product decisions and accelerate your path towards product/market fit.



Get ready to:

  • Find & leverage your Early Customers to move towards mass-market success
  • Apply insights & techniques from hit games to create lasting engagement
  • Turbo-charge your product design with expert instruction & time-saving tools

Week 1: Plan your design experiment

To prep for success, think like a scientist.  Smart experiment starts with clear hypothesis.  Clarify your product strategy & identify assumptions that need early testing with our MVP Canvas.

Online Masterclass

Week 2: Identify your early customers

Find the people who need your product the most. To find your Superfans, identify who NEEDS what you offer & will put up with cost & friction to get those needs met with our Superfan Screener.


Week 3: Surface their habits & unmet needs

Get high-need customers to reveal what they really need. To shape your value proposition, you’ll quickly surface actionable customer insights for your experiments with Speed Interviews.


Week 4: Distill insights into design-ready form

Define your customers’ habits and actions. To turn research insights into product decisions, tap into your customers’ intrinsic motivation & existing habits with design-ready Job & Habit Stories.

Online Masterclass

Week 5: Sketch our your Mastery Path

Design for long-term engagement. To prepare for your MVP, think through how customers will use your product over time as Mastery Path that informs your product rollout plans. 


Week 6: Prototype your Core Loop

Build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). To get actionable feedback, you’ll design and prototype a stripped-down skill-building Learning Loop Prototype that tests your core value proposition.

Online Masterclass

Week 7: Test your ideas with key customers

Iterate your product with customer feedback. Now you’ll test your ideas with vetted early adopters – and get actionable insights on your core experience – with our 3-part Play-Test Script.


Week 8: Validate your strategy & design

Refine your plan for moving forward. After you’ve tested your ideas, you’ll validate your assumptions, update your designs & outline next steps with a research-informed, validated rollout plan.


The 2019 Masterclass runs May 20-July 19

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